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In the year 1593 Matheis Kabes founded the "zum Mair inn" in St. Peter and in 1701 it was registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Bozen. The name Kabis comes from Chabas, the popular form of Jakobus. In 1668 the inn was taken over by Josef Aichholzer and has since then remained in the possession of his family. From 1844 women have determined the course of its history: after Rosina Aichholzer came Anna Speckbacher, a relative of the famous tirolian freedom fighter Andreas Speckbacher. She was a highly regarded and educated woman who, in the absence of a doctor in the valley, was often upon called to treat patients. A major fire destroyed the house in 1934: her daughter Maria Tutzer rebuilt the hotel. After the death of her mother, Anna Messner took over the management and together with her nice Anni Erlacher, she is still welcoming her guests to the Kabis.

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